Are You Ready To Learn the Secret to Using Publicity to Sell More Books?

(Even If You’ve Tried Before or You Have an “Old” Book)

Profitable Publicity is a jam-packed training showing you the exact steps you need to craft a media interview that solidifies your authority, increases your credibility, creates raving fans, and most importantly – moves the needle on book sales.


Are You a Best Kept Secret Who Should be a Bestselling Author?

I mean, seriously! You did the hard work of writing a nonfiction book that can make a real difference in people’s lives. It’s coming out soon and you really want to launch it successfully. Or, your book has been out for a while but it’s just not selling like you hoped it would.

The thing is – you thought writing the book and getting it out into the world was the hard part. But marketing, it’s leaving you weary. And how do those other authors do those high profile media interviews that turn their books into bestsellers? And even if you got publicity, would you know what to say?

I hear you and I believe it’s time for you to stop being a best kept secret. Because your work matters. Your message matters. Your book matters. 

I can help. Because after seeing more than 10,000 media interviews in my television career, I’ve learned this:

A media interview is a marketing asset that somebody else pays to create. But only if you’re prepared.

In fact, I became a Bestselling Author 12 hours after one media interview came out. No exaggeration! Media has the power to:  

  • Increase your book sales
  • Turn you into a Bestselling Author
  • Propel you to launch or grow a speaking career
  • Bring you attention from Publishers and Agents
  • Boost your status so clients pay more to work with you
  • Get your message in front of millions of potential readers
  • Make you money – if that is, you use publicity strategically

In more than 30 years working behind the scenes starting in local news and working my way up to national shows like NBC Nightly News, The Today Show, and The Oprah Winfrey Show, I’ve picked up quite a bit of knowledge. Frankly, I speak Media. On top of that, I’ve been interviewed as a parenting author many times in national Media – TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines.

I have so much knowledge to share to help you become to go-to expert who sells books, grows your audience, and makes a massive impact in the world!

Let me ask, does either one of these describe you?

"I want to get the word out about my book so I can become a bestselling author and make an impact with more people, but I have no idea how to do a media interview that will actually help me get there.  And I don't want to spend months figuring it out."

"I've done some media interviews but they just haven't moved the needle on book sales or led to more opportunities.  I'm tired of spinning my wheels.  I need to take action now before my book feels like yesterday's news!"

Introducing Profitable Publicity!

In this concise 6 module class, you’ll learn…

  • Why authors never need to pay for publicity
  • The 5 keys to turning media interviews into marketing assets
  • What nonfiction authors should do before every media interview
  • What so many authors get wrong about publicity – that you won’t
  • The choice you must make before you even get publicity
  • How to steer a media interview in the right direction from the start
  • What to do when an media appearance starts to go off track
  • The story you must tell to get the audience to buy your book

So, what would it be like if you did a media interview that actually was a game changer for you?

What kind of impact could that have on your life as an author with a powerful message to share?

Well, imagine these scenarios…

You do a media interview and your book catapults to #1 in a major Amazon category and breaks into the top 100 books selling on Amazon – beating out millions of books!

You do a national television interview and after only 4 minutes on TV you DOUBLE your speaking fees! Literally that day! And you get booked more than ever and asked to do keynotes!

Do these things seem impossible? They’re not. The first scenario happened to me and the second one happened to a friend of mine. Why? Because media is an effective and powerful marketing tool. And it’s free. 

Who is Profitable Publicity for?

You, if you’re a soon-to-be or already published nonfiction author who wants o use TV, radio, podcasts, online, newspaper and magazines to sell more books and grow your audience.

This training shows you the exact steps you need to craft a media interview that solidifies your authority, increases your credibility, creates raving fans, and most importantly – moves the needle on book sales.

The best part is that this method is so easy, you can be prepared to create profitable media appearances just 1 hour after taking the training.

How exactly can publicity increase profitability?

After a successful AOL interview, my book catapulted to #1 in the Parenting category and broke into the top 100 books among millions of titles across all of Amazon.

And a friend of mine spent 4 minutes being interviewed on The Today Show and immediately after that aired, she was able to successfully double her speaking fees. That’s the “profitability” part of publicity. Because when you do Media correctly, you’ll be able to raise your speaking prices, charge more for clients, and sell more books.

Authors are Talking About Mary

“Mary is brilliant! When I first heard of her and her course, I had no idea that media was even an option for someone like me to get the word out about my book. I thought you had to be a big name personality.  After completing the course, I now have great confidence and understanding of how to navigate media, plus concrete ways to present myself and my book. But the real value of the course is Mary! She is an amazing encourager and an endless source of ideas for any genre. I highly recommend Mary and her course to every non-fiction author!”


George Black

Author, The Next Level Entrepreneur

“Mary is the real deal when it comes to Media. Her in depth knowledge of the industry helped me to gain the clarity that I needed to understand my audience and message. After a few short weeks of being in Media Success Blueprint I was featured Reader’s Digest’s online site with a readership of over 11 million people. I attribute this to Mary and her course. She taught me how to become media savvy. Not only do I recommend her but I will continue to use her myself to prep me for upcoming media interviews!”


Ty Ziglar

Author, Unpack You Luggage and Live

"I learned how to provide sound bites and be prepared with all the materials (photos, bio, graphics) that the media might need. Thanks to Mary, I was featured in the Chicago Tribune and soon will do my first live television appearance. I highly recommend Mary’s coaching program to any author looking to hone their message and develop their interview skills. As authors, many of us naturally love to write but find it challenging to share the same information in spoken form. Mary will teach you how to take what you’ve written and translate it into a media interview that will get your work the attention it deserves. Media Savvy Author = Five stars!"


Laura Tiebert, Author, The Rise of Prince

What’s included in Profitable Publicity?


The "E-I-E-I-O" System for Creating Profitable Media Interviews

Old MacDonald had a farm, E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm, he had a…. media interview that went so well his book sales spiked! Not exactly how the nursery rhyme goes, but I bet you’ll remember it. And that’s one of the secrets I’ll be teaching you… How to use this simple nursery rhyme pattern, E-I-E-I-O, to know EXACTLY how to stand out in your interview so that you bring value to the audience watching and convert them into book buyers and raving fans.

The Key to Guiding the Interviewer to Ask You the Right Questions

Without this, you’re leaving your media interview in the hands of the interviewer… who probably hasn’t read your book and doesn’t really understand the value you can bring to the audience. This simple but often overlooked key could mean the difference between you floundering through an interview or breezing through with ease.

The 5-Part Flow of a Media Interview Media

Interviews are structured into 5 distinct parts, no matter if they are 60 seconds or 60 minutes. Once you understand this flow, you’ll be able to present yourself with confidence, knowing exactly what to deliver in each section so you come across as the expert you are!

The “No More Nerves” Prep Plan So You’re Ready for Anything Confidence

Comes from knowing how to handle the unexpected and that’s exactly what I’ll be teaching in this part of the program. If it can go wrong, I’ve witnessed it and know how to fix it…


This course is easy to complete with 6 short value packed modules!

Where will you be if you don’t take action? Don’t let your book and message be left behind while other authors are turning media interviews into powerful – and profitable – marketing assets!

Please note:

Since you get the entire course all at once including the worksheets and bonuses, there is no refund policy. We did originally have one but no one has ever asked for a refund for this course!


Are There Bonuses?

Of course! These valuable bonuses will make you look like a professional not an amateur!

Notable & Quotable Sound Bites Bonus

This bonus worksheet will help you craft “sticky” soundbites that will have people jotting notes and quoting you on social media! Plus these bonuses:

  • Ideal Intentions worksheet to help you create marketing assets not liabilities!!
  • Bionic Bio worksheet with the 4 elements every effective bio should have + a 5th totally unexpected element!
  • Relatable to Remarkable™  worksheet will help you tell your unique origin story. 
  • Captivating Call to Action worksheet with 5 CTA’s including my favorite!

TV Taping Checklist & Timeline Bonus

Want to say an enthusiastic YES when a TV producer calls and offers to book you on a newscast or talk show?

Well, this valuable checklist and step-by-step timeline of what to expect at a TV studio will give you the confidence to do just that.

You’ll look like a TV interview PRO before, during and after your appearance.

PLUS you get a checklist of the must-haves you need to bring to the TV studio so you’ll look savvy and be cool, calm & ready!

Remote Interview Success Guide

This valuable guide tells you PRECISELY what steps to take to have a successful interview over Skype or Zoom. Created by a TV Production Manager who ensured remote interviews were successful, you’ll learn how to look and sound your very best.

Everything is covered…

  • Lighting
  • Wardrobe
  • Internet connection
  • Microphones
  • AND the right backgrounds so you look like a pro (even if you’re in your pajamas from the waist down!)

 Let’s Recap Everything You Get Inside “Profitable Publicity”

  • The “E-I-E-I-O” System For Creating Profitable Media Interviews ($297 value)
  • The Key to Setting Up the Interviewer to Ask You the Right Questions ($97 value)
  • The 5-Part Flow of a Media Interview so You Can Ace Each ($97 value) 
  • The “No More Nerves” Prep Plan So You’re Ready for Anything ($47 value)
  • The “Bionic Bio” Worksheet (with psychology insights you need to know) ($97 value)
  • BONUS: Remote Interview Success Guide ($97 value)
  • BONUS: “Notable & Quotable” Sound Bites + Four Extra Worksheets ($297 value)
  • BONUS: “TV Taping Checklist & Timeline” Sound Bites ($147 value)
Total Value: $1,176

Would an entrepreneur go on Shark Tank without preparing to wow the sharks? Of course not! But every day authors do media interviews totally unprepared. What a wasted opportunity!

So please don’t make that mistake. Learn how to do powerful and profitable publicity now!